Friday Aug 9th

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Krishna Madappa, an esteemed figure in water technology and the founder of Jiva Water, will present a transformative perspective at the TeslaTech Conference in New Mexico. Focused on harmonizing water technology, Madappa’s presentation delves into innovative solutions that bridge cutting-edge science with ancient wisdom, aiming to redefine our relationship with water.

At the core of Madappa’s discourse is the pioneering work of Jiva Water, a venture dedicated to revolutionizing water treatment and purification methods. Drawing from his extensive background in environmental science and holistic wellness, Madappa will elucidate how Jiva Water’s technologies embody a holistic approach, considering not only the physical properties of water but also its energetic and vibrational aspects.

The presentation will explore Jiva Water’s groundbreaking technologies designed to enhance water quality while preserving its innate life force. Madappa will discuss the integration of advanced filtration techniques, resonant frequencies, and structured water principles to create a comprehensive approach to water treatment. Through case studies and real-world applications, he will showcase how this holistic approach not only purifies water but also enhances its vitality, promoting overall well-being.

About Dr. Krishna Madappa

Dr. Krishna Madappa, aged 75 years, is a distinguished PhD Research Scientist, founder and the visionary behind Jiva Water Devices, holds an impressive background in engineering and bio-field sciences. With roots in the Andaman Islands of India and educational experiences in both India and the USA, he brings a unique blend of knowledge to his pursuits.

Dr. Krishna is renowned for his expertise in bio-energy sciences, innovations in water technologies, and his involvement in global consciousness projects. His speaking engagements on topics ranging from Science and Consciousness to Spiritual Sciences, Quantum Energy Sciences, and Wellness have earned him recognition on international platforms.

Dr. Krishna’s extensive research spans both linear and non-linear properties of water. His global studies involve measuring the photoluminescence and bio-energetics of water in its natural sources, as well as in urban and agricultural settings.

Collaborating with esteemed scientists like Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. Gerald Pollack, and others, he has traveled to various locations to analyze water’s characteristics.

His findings have revealed a concerning trend – despite access to chemically treated water, the Life Force Energy in the water we consume is often depleted. Furthermore, he has noticed a decline in the nutritional values of produce and animal products due to the lack of Life Force Energy in water.

Motivated by these observations, Dr. Krishna embarked on a journey to restore Life Force Energy to water. After years of rigorous research, experimentation with design approaches, quantum techniques, flow patterns, and frequency encoding methods, he successfully developed the Jiva Water Devices.

These innovative devices effortlessly restore Life Force Energy to water by simply passing it through.

Designed to align with modern lifestyles, he has created devices suitable for drinking water that are user-friendly, portable and devices for home, farms, agri that easy to install. All the devices require very minimal maintenance.

Most notably, they operate without relying on external power sources, ensuring that access to water with Life Energy is convenient for everyone. Dr. Krishna’s pioneering work continues to impact the way we interact with and benefit from one of life’s most essential elements – water.

9:30 am

George Wiseman grew up on a ranch in the backwoods of British Columbia, Canada. learning the value of hard work, knowledge and skills. He became a Jack of All Trades and subsequently became a maverick inventor that has changed entire genres with his innovations. He started working with Brown’s Gas in 1986, creating practical machines to apply this amazing gas in applications such as Fuel Saving, Torch-Fuel Gas, Radioactive Neutralization and increasing Crop Production. He has become world-wide recognized and renowned in the practical applications of Brown’s Gas. In 1996 his customers told him of their astonishing healings using Brown’s Gas. It took until 2005 for them to convince Mr. Wiseman to try the Brown’s Gas on himself and he subsequently had substantial health improvements. Currently he has developed a machine specifically optimized to safely provide Brown’s Gas for Health in every home.

11 am

Robert Slovak, a renowned water expert, will focus on the critical topic of “Soil to Gut Terrain in Health,” exploring the profound implications of terrain theory versus germ theory in modern health discourse.Slovak will delve into the fundamental differences between terrain theory and germ theory, shedding light on how the Rockefeller Foundation’s influence has overshadowed holistic perspectives on health. By challenging conventional wisdom, Slovak aims to empower individuals to take control of their health through a deeper understanding of their body’s terrain.

Slovak’s expertise and captivating speaking style have captivated audiences worldwide. . His ability to demystify complex scientific concepts and provide practical solutions has made him a sought-after authority in the field.

The presentation will include an interactive Q&A session, allowing attendees to engage directly with Slovak and gain deeper insights into water quality, filtration techniques, and their implications for human health. By fostering dialogue and encouraging critical thinking.

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Vendors showcasing their products. 

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A large Kromrey Generator was given to the author.

The test result was overunity.

The whole story and the test results can be read in the article in the recent TeslaTech magazine Issue 8 Oct/Nov/Dec 2019. This year we present the test results of the Kromrey Generator with Bedini modification. John Bedini presented his modified Kromrey Converter, also called G-field Generator, in early 1980s and demonstrated many times that it is putting more power out than John put in.

Raymond Kromrey, a French inventor worked on a theory that magnetism and gravitation have the same origin. This theory led him to a new electro motive principle that he put into practice in this magnetic generator. Kromrey also called the machine molecular generator. An introduction into this interesting theory will be given.

Kromrey filed a patent on Jan 9th, 1964 and received the patent on March 19th 1968. The US patent number is 3,374,376. The Kromrey generator is an electric generator. The generator converts magnetic force into electric energy. Two segments of a rotor are moved through a magnetic field generated by a stator, either by permanent-magnetic or electromagnetic means.

The author has researched for decades on Zero Point Energy, Casimir Effect and magnetic Free Energy machines and still does. Building real hardware and thorough testing are vital for progress in free energy. The talk will include updates about ongoing projects and on how to test energy efficiency on electric devices. The quantum energy fills everything from empty space to matter. The zero-point energy could be the power source of the future. Dr. Ludwig will present experimental approaches to harnessing zero-point energy. A zero-point energy effect is the Casimir effect, a way to convert zero-point energy with simple metal configurations into a force. Dr Ludwig is working on projects that aim to use this force for propulsion and generating electric power. There is a fundamental connection between zero-point quantum energy and magnetism. It will be explained why magnetic generators like Kromrey and Coler are able to harness this quantum energy.

4 pm

A vortex of charged particles (ions, dust, mist, fog, etc.) can entrain a coherent vortex in the surrounding zero-point energy (ZPE). Historically inventions utilizing large ion vortices manifested excess energy and sometimes strange phenomena. The Tesla conference has hosted two inventors on this theme: Malcolm Bendall and the late Paul Pantone

Their inventions have similarities. They induce ion vortices in concentric conduits (pipes). The inner conduit directs the flow into a 1-cylinder internal combustion engine. The exhaust returns through the outer conduit which helps preheat and ionize the fuel. Pantone used a pointed rod within the inner feed conduit to induce the vortex. Bendall feeds the fuel tangentially into spherical chambers to induce a swirling flow that causes a more intense vortex within the conduits. The spherical chambers are concentric spheres, where the outer sphere can guide the exhaust into a vortex of opposite helicity. Bendall also used ultraviolet light to ionize the water mist as it enters the inner spherical chamber.

Both inventors claimed success with unusual fuels. Bendall uses 90% water, 10% gasoline mixture, and Pantone claimed success with various liquids. Both inventors said they were threatened if they used only water. When using gasoline in the mix, the inventors claimed a very clean exhaust that would not pollute the environment, which begets the mystery: Where did the carbon go?

Malcolm Bendall and Paul Pantone have freely disclosed the details of their inventions and are/were eager for open-source replication. The simplicity of their devices could encourage wide-scale replication to prove a new energy source.

About Moray King

Moray B. King, electrical engineer and systems engineer, is an internationally recognized expert on the topic of zero-point energy and has authored the books, Tapping the Zero-Point Energy and Quest for Zero-Point Energy.

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We are entering a unique time for research and technology development. Politics of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) degrading centralized technical capability of major defense contractors and national labs. Artificial intelligence with open source and public domain software/hardware makes possible a low-cost, powerful network of decentralized research facilities.

Small decentralized research facilities can now rival large centralized facilities. At a cost of approximately $10K, each facility is affordable for STEM education and small inventors. Technology for abundant clean energy is being developed.

Transmutation of Pepto-Bismal into Po-210 with hybrid fission/fusion micro reactor.

It is now possible for inventors to build and test their own hybrid fission/fusion micro reactor! In the past, fission/fusion reactors required centralized facilities and billions of dollars. It is now possible for a network of decentralized research facilities to develop the technology for abundant clean energy at a cost of less than $10K per facility. And abundant clean energy will usher us into an era of unprecedented prosperity.

About Dr. Paul Finman

Dr. Paul Finman is a distinguished graduate of Stanford University, where he earned his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (EE). He further pursued his academic endeavors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), specializing in Physics.

During his tenure at Stanford, Dr. Finman distinguished himself as a brilliant researcher and scholar, conducting groundbreaking research in Electronic Engineering, Plasma Physics, and Experimental Physics. His work encompasses a wide range of topics, from theoretical investigations to experimental implementations, with a focus on high-power microwave technology.

Following his doctoral studies, Dr. Finman continued to expand his academic horizons at MIT, delving into the intricate realms of Physics. His multidisciplinary background equipped him with a unique perspective, allowing him to bridge the gap between Electrical Engineering and Physics in his research endeavors.

Currently, Dr. Finman is leading a research project on ‘High Power Microwave’ technology, exploring its applications in various fields including gas-to-liquid (GTL) plasma reforming of methane, jamming, RF desiccant drying, nuclear transmutation, and isomer production. His interdisciplinary approach and innovative thinking have positioned him at the forefront of research in these areas.

As the Technical Director of 3dB Cloud LLC, Dr. Finman continues to drive innovation and shape the future of computing, leveraging his expertise in quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based architectures.

In addition to his industry contributions, Dr. Finman remains actively engaged in academic research, publishing papers and participating in conferences to advance the state-of-the-art in Electronic Engineering, Plasma Physics, and Experimental Physics.

Driven by a steadfast commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of innovation, Dr. Paul Finman continues to push the boundaries of knowledge and inspire future generations to embrace the transformative power of science and technology.

Articles on ResearchGate

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