John Fiala and his son john-Arthur Fiala aren’t just Technical Directors but, with Patricia Fiala as the Production Manager they are a transforming force, shaping conferences into unforgettable experiences. At the helm as Technical Directors, both John and John-Arthur Fiala’s rich engineering background proves instrumental in the flawless execution of conferences. With Patricia’s keen eye for detail and this families knack for innovation the intricate web of audiovisual intricacies and energy devices, ensuring a seamless experience for presenter and attendees alike.

Armed with their deep technical knowledge, this family are not just merely troubleshooters, but proactive problem-solvers. Their ability to anticipate potential glitches and swiftly resolve them before they disrupt proceedings is unparalleled. Whether it’s a fine-tuning of the audio systems, troubleshooting video displays, or ensuring the operation of a presenters energy device, their meticulous approach guarantees that every aspect of the conference runs like clockwork.

Since 2003, HOFM Productions has provided Tesla Tech with volunteer crews for production and media equipment to aid Tesla Tech in their goals of an open forum for researchers, inventors, and scientists for peer review on subjects academia will not consider. We’ve been honored to volunteer our time and talents to coordinate and serve on the technical side of Tesla Tech. 

We have a passion and love for new technologies and over the years, we’ve been honored with the opportunity to help inventors tweak that last widget, fix travel damaged demos, and tweak videos and presentations for the presenters. 

We have enjoyed making Tesla Tech run!

Free Community Network (FCN4U) is an expansive online information, social, and business exchange network that brings content creators/influencers, businesses, and consumers of information and products together under one mutually beneficial umbrella. FCN4U membership is free. Individual members can easily create, categorize, and publish content without fear of politically or agenda motivated censorship. Member businesses can advertise products and services widely, or by targeting locations or specific content audiences.  With our platform, member content creators can easily earn money by imbedding banner ads for member business or by advertising their own products or services with their content. Unlike other platforms, information is organized and categorized so that content consumers can easily find information, events, and products based on locality, topic, and/or keyword. Members can also post on their own newsfeed and follow favorite content providers and members like other social media platforms. FCN4U fosters interactive communities by connecting members that share common interests.

In today’s world of misinformation, disinformation, and biased media reporting, FCN4U, offers a unique information platform where content creators, with a variety of perspectives and knowledge, can freely post. And where discerning information consumers can easily access, compare, and contrast information and varied points of view easily in one place.  

Explore with leading-edge scientists, innovative thinkers, mathematicians, mystics and artists from around the world. Let Science to Sage Magazine take you on a scientific and mystical journey where the sciences, spirituality, world philosophies, and ancient wisdom unravel as one.

Flow-Based Content: No pandering. No performing. No Scripts. Authentic content created in a state of flow through interviews and deep conversations.

Authentic Representation: No “highlights”. No “best moments”. These things do not inspire real connections. Your social media will give people a look into who you really are. This is why they will want to interact with you.

We do this by creating content that follows the follows these 3 principles….

Leaders over Influencers:

An influencer is someone who uses social media for the sake of being the best at social media. A leader is someone who guides and inspires others for the benefit of all. We do not work with influencers. We work with leaders.

We are offering you the opportunity to be interviewed and have your conversation turned into content for social media and served to a following of people who are looking for leaders to help us build a beautiful world. A world that values the pursuit of truth, mutual understanding, and freedom for all humans.