Sunday Aug 11th

8 am

Continuing from last year with more on forces.  Longitudinal waves were shown to produce attrac-tion and repulsion effects.  I advance the idea that all forces and fields are related through a Hamilton relationship.  There is more on quantum gravity and its contribution to the quantum environment of forces.

The Atom is the most sensitive, responsive, adaptable, and versatile mechanism in nature; it’s an energy-processing machine.  With many electrons in orbit, orchestrated 3D oscillations are formed.  These resonant oscillations change to accommodate the energy state of the  Atom.  The energy-oscillation relationship determines factors of viscosity, hardness, conductivity, magnetism,  refraction,  color, plasma-gas-liquid-solid,  Curie point, molecular bonding, and energy-sharing relationships.  The Mono-atomic state represents the highest energy 3D state with a self-reinforcing oscillation that contributes to the particle history (from last year).  The Di-atomic state is a lower energy configuration.

This presentation will define metamaterial as well as the three recognized fields of chemistry (Elemental, Molecular, Organic). It will also expose a fundamental understanding of 3D oscil-lations and their relationship to various different physical magnetic phenomena with regards to superconductivity!

9:30 am

Continuing his book, The Mind of God, mathematician Paul Davies points out that for millennia, reports of a timeless, eternal world of peaceful being and ex-quisite bliss have come from saints and sages. Yet the world we live in is characterized by constant change, noisy action, and the suffering of humanity as we wander through time and space. The problem is that there is no reasonable explanation for how we move from this time-based, noisy world of constant becoming to the timeless, peaceful place of eternal being.

Davies labeled this The Arrow of Time Conundrum and wrote:  “…how do we account for a flux of time in a world founded upon timeless laws. …  No at-tempt to explain the world, either scientifically or theologically, can be considered successful until it accounts for the paradoxical conjunction of the temporal and the atemporal …”

Davies’ inquiry propels us into the heart of a cosmic riddle that must be addressed if we are going to suc-cessfully move into the next paradigm of science and engineering. Through five stages of unfolding, we will resolve Davies’ conundrum, examine the mechanics of time and the end of time, the nature of consciousness and why it is primary, how energetic structures form that then become plasmas, charge density plasmas and their structures, black holes, superconductivity, and the structure and function of the human brain in relation to all of this.

About Penny Kelly

Penny Kelly is an author, teacher, publisher, consultant, Naturopathic physician, and researcher of consciousness. Early in her career she was an engineer for Chrysler Corporation, but left there in 1979 after a full, spontaneous awakening of kundalini to study the brain, consciousness, intelligence, intuition, and cognition. This was followed by 18 years of work as an educational consultant specializing in Accelerated and Brain-Compatible Teaching and Learning, working with both schools and corporations.

After purchasing acreage in 1987, she raised grapes for Welch Foods for a dozen years while also building Lily Hill Farm, now a large B&B. She worked with Dr. Wm. Levengood, biophysicist, for 15 years, studying materials from crop circles, animal mutilations, and extraterrestrial landing sites, as well as researching plasma, energy, and consciousness.

Penny was involved in starting Community Gardening in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, MI through grants from the Kellogg Foundation, and she was a member of the Tipping Point Network whose focus is sustainability in all sectors of life. She maintains a worldwide counseling and coaching practice, teaches a half-dozen courses in Developing Intuition – The Gift of Consciousness, as well as courses in Organic Gardening, and Getting Well Again Naturally. She produces regular videos for Patreon, YouTube, and BitChute, and travels widely to speak and teach.

Penny holds a degree in Humanistic Studies from Wayne State University and a degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Clayton College of Natural Health. She is the mother of four children has co-written or edited 23 books with others, and has written 11 books of her own.


The challenge to free energy researchers and inventors is how to extract a mere portion of space energy for practical use. If everything is entangled as physicists have recently discovered and proven, what are the keys to accessing and multiplying free energy, and what tools can in-dependent researchers and inventors utilize to achieve over-unity? Are there basic principles even hierarchical ones, to break bonds of quan-tum and atomic particles?  Breaking the bonds of entangled particle/wave strings provide clues to achieving over-unity. The higher energy is trapped in the bonding strings/mechanism/codes as Feynman has noted. Breaking these bonds to release inherent energies for practical capture is a basic principle. Beyond the energies required to break bonds, the next steps are capturing, storing and relaying freed energy.

Here,we explore the nature of quantum and chem-ical bonding and the fine art of bond breaking. Selected devices demonstrated or researched at  TeslaTech, related conferences, and recently pub-lished scientific papers will be featured. Devices or techniques examined include the Papp engine and disruption of noble gas balance, cavitation and electrolysis for hydrogen extraction, conduc-tor rotation for exponential electron production, and nano dot technology cascade, to name a few.

About Suzanne Price

Suzanne is a visionary thinker, cultural anthropologist, independent science researcher, and professional presenter. Suzanne received a B.A. magna cum laude, University of Wyoming, and M.A. in cultural anthropology from Tulane University in New Orleans. She has been a presenter at Teslatech Extraordinary Technology Conferences since 2012, and has also spoken before COFE, the Society for Scientific Exploration as well as numerous national, regional and local forums. Recently, Suzanne introduced a new integrative theory called, Information Encoded Light, which explores the process by which the creative worlds (including 3D) come into being from a coded information scientific and spiritual perspective with emphasis on inherent quantum features and processes. She believes free energy can be accessed for practical use at certain transitional stages. Before becoming a quantum researcher, Ms. Price enjoyed a career as Communications Director for a quasi-federal/state environmental finance agency, State of Arizona. She retired and lives in Front Range Colorado