Wednesday Aug 7th

1 to 2 pm

“Flower of Life? Fibonacci meets Vortex Mathematics”

Contained within the Fibonacci sequence are ratios and geometries that we recognize throughout all of observable reality. Patterns within both the macro and micro scales of physics are also found within a wide variety of biological systems, why is this the case? Vortex Based Mathematics, a system discovered by Marko Rodin, may help uncover the answer.

One of the primary aspects of VBM is a unique number sequence generated by the doubling of a whole number in the base-10 system. This means that any number after 9 is reduced back to a single digit, called the digital root, which is the remainder of the original number when divided by 9. This process creates the repeating number patterns:


Why is this relevant? Without delving into many reasons why this sequence has important predictive power on its own, in this case its because the Fibonacci sequence when viewed through the same base-10 system, shows itself to be ENTIRELY composed of interwoven circuits of this repeating numerical pattern found in VBM.

This led to my discovery that the Fibonacci sequence and Lucas numbers are two out of three numerical sequences, the third being a preciously undiscovered sequence, which, when combined creates a mathematical fractal super-structure. Additionally, I discovered that these sequences cryptographically encode for one another, so that if you have one then you have them all.

This structure shows a mathematically harmonic interference pattern between the VBM doubling sequence, relevant to biological systems because it models the process of cellular mitosis, and the Fibonacci sequence, whose ratios and symmetries are observed al all scales of nature.

Is this the mathematical description of the long sought after Flower of Life?

About Phil Dubois

Phil DuBois is an independent researcher with a focus on physics/aerospace, and the practical applications of Vortex Based Mathematics.

2 to 4 pm

John Fiala

Technical Director, Tech Team at TeslaTech

John Fiala is the Technical Director of the Tech Team at TeslaTech, an organization dedicated to exploring and advancing alternative energy technologies and wellness innovations. With a deep passion for cutting-edge technology and a strong background in engineering, John leads a team of talented professionals focused on pioneering advancements in the field of alternative energy.

John is also known for his expertise in applying Rodin Numbers to practical coil winding, a technique that enhances the efficiency and performance of electromagnetic coils. His innovative approach and hands-on teaching methods have made him a sought-after instructor in the field. Through workshops and seminars, John shares his knowledge and insights, empowering others to harness the potential of Rodin Numbers in their own projects.

5 to 6 pm

Micheal Clarage is  currently engaged in laboratory and theoretical explorations of the role of electricity at planetary and stellar scales. Large scale electric fields and currents have not received much attention in astronomy – in fact for almost a century they were proclaimed impossible, hence research into them was made impossible at any established research center.

Looking at electrical connections between stars and planets is just as interesting as looking at the electrical connections between bees and flowers, or between aphids and leaves ( Nature is constantly effecting communication through electric fields and currents. And with the mountains of satellite and telescope data coming in, the astrophysical community is poised to revise many explanations that up until now have only used gravity and nuclear forces, to include the causative role of electric fields and currents.

About Michael Clarage

Michael received his PhD in physics from Brandeis University in a multidisciplinary team developing novel ways to measure and analyze protein behaviors.

learn more At Michael's Demo Table; come explore our universe (live Demo)

6 to 7 pm


The Electric Universe theories propose that the primary force which defines our universe is electricity, not gravity. Electric Universe theorists like Winston Bostick and Anthony Peratt have shown that galaxies can be described using the well-known equations for electro-magnetism. This is the same mathematics used by engineers to create our modern world of generators, electric motors, communications, power distribution.

About James Sorensen

James Sorensen has always excelled in the Sciences and is lucky to have survived his childhood attempts at making explosives in his basement laboratory. In middle school while on a trip to Los Alamos laboratories, James explained to the parents the difference between Fusion and Fission. In high school he started to question mainstream science – quarks, relativity, black holes, the big bang….. They all seemed like assumptions based on assumptions. He decided computers and programming were more logical so he became a computer programmer.

In 2010 he discovered the Electric Universe and it rekindled James interest in Science — the world made sense again. Electricity is the force behind much of what we observe in all the sciences — including nuclear fusion and fission. For the last 4 years James has been working with Edo Kaal on the Structured Atom Model (SAM). He created the computer program which models the SAM theory. SAM has the potential to describe what is happening in SAFIRE and many other LENR experiments.

learn more at James' Demo Table; he will be doing an interactive live demo

Starts at 7:15 pm

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